Friday, July 23, 2010

24/7 Cuddle Time

So here I am surviving my first week of no help (aside from my darling husband) with my twin boys. I honestly think this is the best job anybody can have. Who wouldn't like spending their entire time with two cute little babies. I get to have 24/7 cuddle time with my angels. I didn't see myself not working at all after all these years. I learned a lot of things this week and I am amazed how I managed to pull myself together despite of it all. I'm not perfect but you deal with it one day at a time. Things doesn't get better right away. It takes time. I also learned about "mommy time" in short for "me time". I totally get what that means now.

I see myself working on my craft projects while the boys are sleeping. Yesterday, was just a major milestone again. I managed to sew my first changing pad using this pretty oil cloth that I purchased months ago from hartsfabric. I also finished a bunch of burp cloths from receiving blankets I got from my shower. They were too small for my boys. I didn't want to give them away so I thought I would recycle and sew them into burp cloths. I also finished a creativity mat for my niece Cate. I will be working on more projects and will be posting them to inspire crafty stay at home moms out there.

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