Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paper Cake Slices

I didn't do anything today. Not feeling productive at all. It's 11pm and I should be in bed sleeping away. Daddy will be home at midnight to feed the boys. I need my rest and maybe I will find the energy to be crafty tomorrow.

Before I go and put my jammies on let me share these amazing finds on Etsy. This lady is simply amazing. Check this out Paper cake slices - A ladybug's picnic cake from imeondesign.

I also found these Strawberry shaped favor boxes and it reminded of the ones I made last year as my Valentine gift to my co-workers. It looks so similar. Check it out! The first image is from imeondesign and the rest are mine. I guess I'm on the right track she's getting a lot of business doing paper crafts on Etsy. Where will I find time.

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