Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laminated Bibs

I totally spaced out and forgot to post this project I did a few months ago. Boys are growing up too fast. They are loving puree food so I made my own wipeable baby bibs.

Pocket on bottom to catch any mess. Laminated my own fabric, made my own bias tape and pattern inspired by my messy boys. I got so addicted to this layout I made more for my little ones.
This fabric is actually a table napkin I purchased from a tent sale at Swoozies years ago. I really like the fabric but I don't really use it as much. I decided to screw the napkin use and re-purpose it as a baby bib.
This fabric was just a left over from the burp cloths I made for the boys. The apples fabric came from the burp cloth stash as well. I love them so much I thought I would make matching bibs for the babies.

You'll need:
  • Favorite Fabric
  • Iron-on Vinyl
  • Velcro
  • Bias Tape (match the color to your favorite fabric)
  • Old Bib as a pattern (I actually like the Bumkins bib layout)
  1. First, find a favorite bib you would like to copy. I'm using the Bumkins bib that I got from my sister-in-law as a baby gift. Trace the bib around and leave 1/4" allowance all around.
  2. Cut strips of fabric to match your fabric. I actually had some left over plain solid color fabrics from an old project. I made it long enough to run along the edges of the laminated bib. You can follow this easy DIY tutorial from Prudent Baby for a more detailed instructions.
  3. Use the trimmed fabric for the bib and lay it down on top of the iron-on vinyl. Trim along the edges. Follow the iron-on vinyl instructions when you start ironing your fabric to the vinyl. Trim extra edges before sewing the bias tape along the sides.
  4. For the pocket it's 3 1/2" from the bottom of the bib. Use the main bib and trim cu along the side and straight across. Laminate the pocket separately before sewing the bias tape around the bib.
  5. Use sewing pins and attach the bias tape around the laminated fabric and begin to sew the tape around the sides.
  6. Cut your Velcro pieces to the size you desire. I followed the Bumkins Velcro style. I like the flexibility of adjusting the bib as the baby gets older.
Now, I have enough bibs to use for my two hungry twin boys.

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