Thursday, February 10, 2011

Repurposed Old T-shirts

I am not a sewing expert but I am so inspired of repurposing old pieces of clothing.

See my shirt...I will be making two pairs of pants using this shirt. Body will be a wide legged style and the arms would be a tight fitting pair.
I used my Old Navy shirt. I was going to send it off for donation but decided to try and make my own pair of pants. I didn't spend any money on if I failed I don't have to feel so bad. My kind of project. :)

I need to get a bigger cutting mat next time. Prepping the pieces for the pants.

first pair I made from my BW shirt. This is my wide legged version. I used Ryan's old pair of Carter's PJ pants and traced the pattern from there.

One wide legged and one that's a little bit more tight fitting for crawling during the day.

Here's Will with the BW repurposed pj pants.

Little boys modeling for me during breakfast.

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