Monday, May 9, 2011

Repurposed Baby Food Jars

I love cooking for my boys but when we are out and about we do use the baby food jars. We buy our baby food jars in bulk at BJ's. Much cheaper than buying them at our local supermarket. We're done with them and didn't want to throw them out. I knew I would be using them for something one day. While planning their first birthday party I had an idea about repurposing them.

Our theme was aqua and orange circus. I wanted to use the jars for the Jelly Bean favors. I did a few design ideas and finally came up with the best one.

Felt (available at any craft store)
Pinking Shears (my new favorite tool)
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Divine Twin (Aqua)
Party Favor Labels
Small Elastic Bands

The hard part of the whole process is pretty much cleaning the food jars. The best way to remove the label and glue from the jars is soaking them in hot water with soap. Soak them for a few hours, rinse, scrub and rinse. Left them on the counter top to dry overnight.

I used my oatmeal plastic top as my circle pattern. It worked so well. I suggest trimming your circles using the rotary cutter and use a cutting mat. You don't want to ruin your table. Then using the pinking shears trim 1/8" all around to give it a nice edge.

Fill the jar with Jelly Beans. Put the lid back on tightly and place the nicely trimmed felt. Secure it with the elastic band. Then tie some Divine Twine around it. Add your label and that's it! Pretty simple and inexpensive giveaway for any party.

You don't have to use Jelly Beans. I thought it went really well with my theme. You can use M&M's and other fun candies.


PS. I am entering the Pure Joy Events Party Tutorial Contest. Keeping my fingers crossed. It's my first time.

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Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

So cute! Great upcycle!

Mae Armstrong said...

Thank you Kelly!

A. Jensen Photography said...

Where did you find the labels? I have been searching all over etsy for something like them but not having much luck. I love the shape. I think it looks much better than a round label.

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