Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yard Sale Find

I went on a yard sale date with my friend Mic. She's so good at it she can sniff the best areas from a mile away. She scopes them out while she's out running. This lady goes out for six miles around different neighborhoods.

I was such a newbie I was scared to ask for discounts. Anyway, I got the hang of it and we found a bunch of great items. One of them is this rocking chair. It was tagged for $4, but we bargained and got it for $2. It's a toddler rocking chair, wood stain was just horrible and the denim chair pads was just darn ugly.

Mic purchased the chair for her little girl. She's turning one this week. I decided to refinish the rocking chair and give it some TLC.

I got some black indoor/outdoor spray paint. I also made some chair pads. I found a stash of canvas fabric in my craft room that just looks darling.

I'm kicking myself for not taking a before photo. Here's the new chair. Looks too darn cute.

I am officially addicted to yard sale hunting now. I'm on the look out for wooden activity table for the boys. Hope to find the right one someday.

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