Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PSA Essentials Design: Play Date Cards

I'm a new Mom and now that my boys are entering the new toddler phase. I find myself organizing play dates for us. I am their booking agent (loving every minute). These cute PSA Rocket Peel & Stick Stamp set inspired me to design these cute play date cards.

Here's what we'll need:
  1. PSA Essentials "Rocket" Peel and Stick Stamp Set
  2. PSA Essentials Stamping Kit
  3. PSA Essentials Stamp Setter
  4. PSA Essentials Black Stamp Pad
  5. 1-3/8 " Circle Puncher
  6. Tag Puncher
  7. Coordinating Card Stock Paper
  8. 4x6 playdate card layout
  9. Aqua Divine Twine
  10. Embroidery Needle (to thread the twine through the paper accents)
Use the coordinating paper and stamp away. I stamped a few extra air planes and rockets just to be sure I had enough for this project.

Use the 1-3/8 " circle puncher and center the artwork and punch out six designs. Use the tag puncher to add holes on each side of the circle and pull twine through using a embroidery needle or you can eye ball it if you like.

I created a 4x6 layout and typed my playdate card information. To decorate the card remove the middle design and use the outer circle and stamp randomly around the card. I am going to attach the circles in the middle of the card suspended like a tiny banner.

Once, all six designs are complete. Punch two holes on the card and pull the tails through the card hole. Secure all six circles and arrange them before you secure your twine in the back of the card. The circle pieces might not lay flat - no worries use a craft tape to secure your design.

That's it! Pretty simply and easy to do. I am excited to pack them inside my bag. I can't wait to share it with our future play mates.

Featured on: PSA Essentials Stamp Camp Blog

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