Friday, September 30, 2011

PSA Essentials Design: Cate's Alphabet Set

This project is dedicated to my little beautiful niece "Cate". Every year I plan out my handmade Christmas presents for my family. I like to plan throughout the year and all my projects done before the busy Holiday Season. This is one of many surprises I have for Miss Cate. I created her very own Alphabet Set. I enjoyed using the PSA Essentials Vanilla (letters) Peel & Stick Stamp Set for this project.

Here's what we'll need:
  1. PSA Essentials "Vanilla" Peel and Stick Stamp Set
  2. PSA Essentials Stamp Tool
  3. PSA Essentials Stamp Setter
  4. PSA Essentials Black Stamp Pad
  5. 1-3/8 " Circle Puncher
  6. 1 1/2" Wooden Disc (26)
  7. Card Stock Paper (Used orange to match my retro fabric)
  8. Modge Podge Glue & Brush
  9. Natural Twine
  10. Retro Fabric (Amy Butler)

Stamp each letters as a set to minimize and confusion. It makes organizing much simpler when you do it this way.

Use the 1-3/8" circle puncher and center each letter inside the hole and punch away. Again, keep A-I as one set and set aside.

Here's the first set. Keep going and complete the second and third sets. Mount each card on the 1 1/2" wooden disc. Lay them out before applying the glue.

Brush the back of your card stock with glue and place it on top of the wooden disc. Then brush a light coating to secure. This step also adds a nice matte finish on top of each letter. Let it dry for a few hours.

I made a simple draw string bag to complete this project. I used the cute retro fabric (from Amy Butler's fabric line) and natural twine (Target find from last year). I also used a laser jet friendly fabric sheets. Typed up "Cate's Alphabet Set" trimmed and sew all the sides down. These are extra steps I created to make my gift set special. You can use different styles of packaging. I just love the handmade feel the bag brings.

I can't wait to pack it up with the rest of my handmade Christmas presents for my relatives in Salt Lake City. :)

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