Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PSA Essentials Designs: 2012 Organic Calendar

Welcome 2012! I love to start my New Year with my homemade calendar inspired by eating well. A simple reminder each month to try and buy organic products, supporting local farmers, cook more at home and making wise decisions to create a healthy life style.

I used a 5"x7" layout, created the monthly spreads and drew the vegetable and fruit monthly theme using Adobe Illustrator. I added a cute little starburst as a background. Printed them out and cut them individually.

I used the PSA Essentials Peel & Stick Vanilla stamp set and stamped the letters to complete my calendar. After stamping the letters. I used my circle punch and glued the month to my card. The cards follow a certain theme and the season for each vegetable and fruit. It made it easy for me to remember the months as I finish each card.

After setting the stamped circle cards. I chose the zigzag stitch and sewed a straight line through the circle tags. It's easier if you glue the letter accents down before sewing.

Ta-da! All 12 cards done and ready to be punched. I used my mini Zutter Bug to punch the notebook holes. I also used a nice silver wire coil to bind my calendar.

Before binding. Use a chip board and cut two 5"x8.5" cards to serve as the calendar backing/stand. Score 1.25" edge of the card and fold. Punch holes and bind with the rest of the calendar.

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