Thursday, January 26, 2012

PSA Essentials Designs: DIY Wine Party

Happy to share my wine party project.

I used an old wine tote bag as a pattern for my wine bags. Used a natural canvas and retro fabric for the accent. Sew printed fabric on the front side of the canvas and sew the top opening to prevent from fraying. Then turn inside out and sew all sides leaving the opening.

Pre-cut my doily themed circle tags using my Silhouette SD. Stamped the middle with PSA Essentials Archive peel and stick set. I picked a nice thick yarn for hanging my wine tags.

I also sewed a matching canvas favor bags and stamped the initials of my guests. Filled my recycled baby food jars with peanuts. You can fill the jars with any edible treats. Using the same yarn color tie the top of the tote bags. I also created a napkin from the left over fabric to cover my cake stand to tie the theme together.

I made these adorable cupcake wrappers to match my cupcake toppers. I used the PSA Essentials Smirk Martini Mix peel and stick stamp set.

I also created the wine note cards to match the theme. Using the same doily tags I stamped the corresponding letters to match the wine totes. Thread the yarn through and knot both ends to secure the tag. It's easy if you use a crochet hook to pull the yarn through. I also used a bamboo stick to create the holes. This card measures 4"x9" you can create it using Microsoft Word or InDesign. I'm leaving the name of the wine blank so we can fill the name after we taste all of them. It'll be a nice surprise.

I can't wait to invite my friends over for some wine tasting. Cheers!!!

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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Great DIY packaging ideas!

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