Friday, February 10, 2012

PSA Essentials Designs: DIY Art Kit

I love being creative and I love to equip my little boys with some cute Valentine's goodies to keep their little hands busy when Mommy is cooking or sweeping crumbs off the floor after a meal.

Here's my DIY art kit.

I saved up some fabric scraps and I just love recycling them and finding a new purpose instead of throwing them out. I picked three styles. One for the main art kit holder, one accent piece for the inside pocket and a light canvas fabric for the name stamping.

I stamped my their names onto the light canvas and used my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Vanilla letters. It was the perfect style for this project.

Used the composition notebook as my guide in creating the art kit organizer. I used the main fabric and sewed it inside out and turned it over. Iron the main fabric and sew folded ends neatly.

After folding the base fabric in three sections. Pin the size that requires sewing.

Prepare the accent fabric for the outer inside pocket. Using the pins as your guide mark down the spaces for the crayon holder and leave some space for a misc. pocket option. Sew it down and remove pins as you go along.

I used a black velcro to match my project and pinned it down for easy sewing. 

After sewing the entire organizer. Cut the stamped canvas down to the size of a business card and pin the fabric on the main front flap. Sew and trim extra thread.

Here's my homemade Valentine's gift for my busy boys. I see lots of drawing and coloring for days to come. I used the misc. pocket to keep their sign language flash cards. We've been working on using our signs when we need something. The right side I kept it to organize their crayons and I made some extra room for washable markers and pencils.

Here's the final project.

Here's Will already getting into the crayons.

Here's Ryan examining his new art kit.

I think it's a hit. I just love creating special little gifts for my little ones. I love you guys and thank you for always inspiring me. Happy Valentine's Day!

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