Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Picture & Card Holder

Christina’s adventuresI've always wanted to do this project but never had the right tools. Finally, my father-in-law got us a drill. I think I was more excited than my husband. I had one project in mind when they got home from the store.

Here's my picture and card holder tutorial.

I purchased wooden dowels, wood glue and the crew at Lowe's Home Improvement hooked me up with a nice thick 3" 1 1/2" wood base for my project. They even cut to size for me.
I measured 2 1/2" allowance on each side of my base before drilling holes for my wooden dowels.

I lined up my wooden dowels and made sure the spacing looked even or you can measure too! I measured about 1 1/2" space in between. Use a pencil and mark up the middle of the wooden base before drilling.

I used my new drill and used the 5/16" bit perfect size for my wooden dowels. I suggest doing the drilling outside the house or maybe inside the garage. Makes quite a bit of a mess.

After drilling fill in holes with Elmer's Wood Glue Max and use your mallet to secure the dowels all the way down the drilled holes. Let it dry for an hour and set aside.

While waiting for the wooden stand to dry. I dressed up my wooden clothespins with a fine crochet yarn. I picked red and pink. I wrapped the bottom half of the pin to dress it up. Secure yarn with glue and set aside to dry.

I didn't stop there. I also found some extra wooden discs and stamped them using my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Rosettas stamp set. I also punched some scalloped tags and mounted the wooden discs on it.

To give it more depth I pre-cut some cute doily accents for the outer design.

Glue wooden disc onto your scalloped paper and then glue everything on top of your doily accent. Dress it up with some puff pearlized paint and set aside to dry.

Glue the flower tops onto your clothespin and glue them on the wooden dowels. Wait for a few minutes to dry and you're done.

Here's the finished product ready to hold your precious photos and cards.

Hope you enjoyed this project.


Stephanie said...

This is so cute! Such a great idea for spring decor!!

pamkez said...

great space saving idea i found your blog via the polkadots on parade link list

Christina said...

what a great tutorial...and such a cute project!! I love that the possibilities are endless of how you could personalize this project too :)

I featured this on my blog today:

And I pinned it too!

Meg said...

Such a fun idea! Thanks for a great tutorial!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Anything for displaying photos is your DIY stand is so cute!

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