Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Fabric Carrots Easter Favor

I'm over at PSA Essentials today featuring my Fabric Carrots tutorial. They are hosting Easter Week Crafting Ideas for week and enter for a chance to win their Easter giveaway package. 

To qualify use this link ->

I just love creating handmade toys for my boys and thought we can share them with our friends. Our play date buddies will be receiving these cute pretend fabric carrots.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make your own.

Free pattern click on the image and print.

Trim fabric according to the pattern carrot body and leaves. If you are doing a bunch of them it's easier to get everything cut, sew all sides and stuff.

Sew the long triangle pieces on each side, turn it over and stuff with fiber fill. Use a wooden stick to evenly distribute the filling. 

Sew a running stitch around the top of the carrot pull the thread and gather the opening. Add 3 pieces of leaves before sealing the top. I wanted this to be a long lasting toy so sew it nice and secure all openings. You'll have a clean finish with hard to pull carrot leaves. 

To finish off the fabric carrot. I took a plain tan fabric and used my PSA Essentials Peel & Stick Topiary "Happy Easter" to stamp the sentiment on to my fabric ribbon. I also added a bunny silhouette and used my Silhouette SD to trim the image.

I'm using a raffia to tie the bunny silhouette around the carrot.

Here's my pretend fabric carrot ready for our play date friends.

Hope you'll try to make one. :) Enjoy!

As seen on PSA Essentials blog.


Michelle Paige said...

These are so precious! Would you be willing to link up your post to my Springtime Holiday Link Party going on now? I'd love to have you! Thanks, Michelle

Mae Armstrong said...

Thanks Michelle! I will do right now! Thanks for the invitation. :) Please don't forget to enter the contest PSA Essentials doing a week long Easter them post and giving away a Easter stamp package.

Sonja @ said...

Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

How cute!

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