Thursday, July 12, 2012

40th Backyard Birthday Bash - Canadian/North Carolina

Planning party for a guy is the hardest thing I've ever done. I was really careful not to overdo the set-up. Luckily we opted for a low-key party at home. We did a Canadian meets North Carolina backyard BBQ bash for my husbands 40th birthday party.

I created this simple party wreath out of a pool noodle and used old t-shirts and recycled them to cover the wreath. Used a white grosgrain ribbon to add the stripes around. Created ribbon pinwheels with a custom birthday stamp from PSA Essentials.

If you look closely. I was able to include my husbands birth year and his birth place. I also added some pre-cut maple leaves to bring the whole theme together.
I decorated with red and brown paper fans. Also created red and white striped paper fans with a maple leaf accent. My in-laws helped me with the old school pictures of my husband. I think my favorite is his homemade peanut butter cake covered with Smarties chocolate. It's the Canadian M&M's.
I baked some chocolate cake cupcakes topped with salted caramel butter cream frosting. I created these maple leaf cupcake toppers using my custom designed PSA Essentials birthday stamp.
The bar displayed a row of dressed up mason jars. I used another custom PSA Essentials birthday stamp. My sister-in-law helped create this last minute maple leaf banner. I think she did a great job helping me decorate the bar table.

I created extra felt koozies and dressed up beer bottles. Here's a bottle of Molson Canadian beer. Cheers!
I found these super cute containers at Target to keep our mixers nice and pretty. I just love the simple label around the bottle.
 A birthday cake from my neighbor. How thoughtful right? It's her birthday gift for the birthday boy.
Did I mention we did all the cooking at home? I have the most amazing family and my friends helped me get through all the food prep.
 I also baked vanilla bean cupcakes topped with mini maple leaf sugar cookies.
I am also thankful for the kind farmer from Page Farms (3 minutes away from my house). The owner loaned me three picnic tables "for free" and took care of transporting them to my house. Oh yeah, he picked them up a few days after the party. I am the luckiest girl. I can't believe I was able to score these amazing picnic tables from Page Farms. A shout out to my friendly neighbor. Thank you again for making the party a success.
We wrapped the table with butcher paper. Added votives and hurricane glasses to set the mood for the pig pickin' party.
The kindness didn't stop there. My good neighbor helped cook our pig. Yes, a true Eastern North Carolina pig roast right in our backyard.My guests got into the whole pig pickin' experience and I'm happy to say we didn't have any leftovers.
We packed the plastic ware inside craft bags. I stamped each bag with PSA Essentials custom birthday stamp I designed for the party.

 Here are the guests enjoying the pig roast.
Hanging out with my Mark's work friends at ABC 11.
 Sporting one of his birthday presents. :)
I surprised Mark by having almost his entire family and closest friends from Canada, Salt Lake City and Baltimore.
Cheers to the my amazing husband! Thank you for my family and friends for helping me pull off an amazing backyard birthday bash.

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Claire's Mamma said...

Do you sell these designs. would be interested in the printables.

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