Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Easy Ribbon Apron with Hand Embroidered Monogram

My friend gave me a great idea for her daughter's 2nd birthday present. They love spending time in the kitchen. They are really into baking cupcakes recently. She said her daughter really needs a cute apron. I decided to whip her a cute little semi-homemade apron.

This project was inspired by May Arts ribbon and PSA Essentials Monogram stamps.
I purchased white aprons from Michael's and dressed it up with ruffled laced ribbon from May Arts. I jut kept on adding layers upon layers of pretty pink ribbon.

After sewing the ribbon and reaching the desired height. I added a cute chevron band for the apron tie. Fold and sew band across the waist.

After finishing the apron design. I added a wonderful monogram stamp from PSA Essentials. I used it as my embroidery pattern. I picked pink and black threads. 

 I did a simple satin stitch and covered the entire letter.
I also used a back stitch for the outer circle. I added light blue beads to cover the black dots from the stamp.
 There all pretty and girly.
 The cutest little apron I have ever seen.

I picked out several items to complete the gift basket. What about those cute pink pigs? I just love them. I also got a set of colorful mixing bowls. You can definitely make an adult version for a birthday or bridal shower gift. You can purchase the grown up aprons from Michael's and create away.
I just love how this project turned out. The monogram just brings it all together. I think I need to make one for myself too!

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Joel McCall said...

What a cute apron! The hand embroidery is nice and looks easy too. You just gave me an excellent gift idea, I'll just have to change the color schemes and such and monogram them, of course. Thanks!

Joel McCall @

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