Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Memory Game

My twin boys are growing up too fast and I've seen a lot of homemade memory games via Pinterest. This one is quick and easy project you can do.

I selected a handful of PSA Essentials beach related stamps. Stamped them directly on the wooden chips. Then I added a decorative paper for the other side.

Five sets of wooden chips with three matching images. Very simply and fun. Might be a great travel activity for the little ones.

 I also packaged the game inside an old baby food jar.
 This can also be turned into a party favor. Again, endless possibilities.
 My kids even tried it out. Huge hit and loved the container as well.
I can't believe they played well together. I finished this project during a rainy week in Raleigh and I always save little things for the boys on such occasion. This is a nice rainy day activity. Do you agree?

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