Friday, November 23, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

I'm traveling next month to see my folks in California and trying to get through my Holiday projects before my schedule gets too hectic. Decorating for Christmas is my absolute favorite. I love waking up in the morning and seeing all the festive decorations around the house. I'm starting with my new obsession with a homemade wreath project. I'm late in the game, but I can't believe...I have never thought of this idea. Again, thanks to Pinterest as my inspirations of all things beautiful I came up with my very own embroidery hoop Christmas wreath.

I just love this idea because you can re-use the embroidery hoop over and over again. Though, the tough part would be stretching the base fabric again. I must find a away to re-use the hoop for different Holidays. 
I started by using the biggest embroidery hoop. I found mine at Michael's. I can't remember the size but I got the largest size possible for my project. Oh, when you go to the craft store. Present them with the coupon.
 Trim the size of the base fabric. For this wreath I selected natural burlap as my main canvas.
Insert the burlap and attach the outer hoop. Tighten the screw and secure. Gently stretch the burlap making sure it's nice and flat. Set aside.
I also wanted a black initial and at first I wanted to screen print the letter but thought black felt works better. Using my Silhouette SD, I selected a decorative font and trimmed the letter. I used freezer paper and ironed it using a low setting onto the felt to serve as my pattern. Cut the felt and glue the letter onto the center of the stretched burlap.
I'm decorating my wreath with stamped wooden discs mounted on a fabric pinwheel. I used PSA Essentials peel and stick TreeO stamp set.

Using my Big Shot I selected a circle die to help me with my fabric pinwheel production. It was a truly a great way of cutting all the fabrics I need. You'll need five circles to complete one pinwheel.

To assemble the pinwheel start by folding the circle in half.
Then fold into a cone shape making sure the edges meet. Secure with glue and begin with the rest of the of the remaining pre-cut fabric.
I made 14 pinwheels for this wreath. I wanted cover the entire hoop. This project required 70 circles to complete the wreath. I know I am going to re-use it again and honestly didn't mind the time of putting it together.
Arrange the folded pieces to make a circle. Glue the stamped wooden disc.
Line the edge of the hoop with the fabric pinwheels and spread them out. Secure each pinwheel with glue.

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UTs Hobby Time said...

This is so beautiful. Nice selection of fabrics.

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