Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Treat Bag

Growing up my parents always gave us treat bags for New Year's. I love it! I loved getting those chocolate gold coins. Here's a simple bag that you can do ahead of time or get the kids involve.

New Year's Treat Bag8
I started by cutting the Chinese take-out box. I selected a brown kraft card stock paper. I stamped lanterns using PSA Essentials Asian Influence peel and stick stamp set.

New Year's Treat Bag
Fold along the crease marks.

New Year's Treat Bag2
Assemble the box and secure with a heavy duty double sided tape.
 New Year's Treat Bag3

Punch holes along the sides and attach the gold elastic string.

New Year's Treat Bag4
I added a small square tag and stamped "luck" on the red card stock and added red strings. Attach the tag and you're done.
 New Year's Treat Bag5
Fill with any treats of your choice. This will be our new family tradition and I'm thrilled to greet the New Year with our lucky treat bags.

New Year's Treat Bag6
New Year's Treat Bag7
New Year's Treat Bag9


Jamie said...

This is really awesome Mae! Happy New Year!:)

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

Love this Mae!

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