Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Looking for a quick gift for Valentine's Day. Here's a quick tutorial on how to create your very own mason jar pin cushion.

I started by cutting the natural fabric around the lid of the mason jar. I used my PSA Essentials Smile Peel & Stick sentiment pack. I selected "Muah!" and stamped the word all around the trimmed fabric.

Start gluing the fabric and cover the lid and leave a small opening and fill with fiber. Glue the opening and secure the cushioned lid.
Mason Jar Pin Cushion3
Insert prepared cushioned lid inside the ring.
Mason Jar Pin Cushion2
Add a variety of embroidery floss, needles, buttons, beads and a small pair of scissors. Mason Jar Pin Cushion
Secure the lid and wrap with a decorative ribbon. I added a simple gift tag with the matching sentiment.
 Mason Jar Pin Cushion Portrait
That's it! It's a simple and quick personalized Valentine's gift.
Visit http://psastampcamp.blogspot.com/ for more ideas. Mason Jar Pin Cushion Portrait_3

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