Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Tote Bag - Tutorial

I've been researching for a cute inexpensive Easter basket for my boys, but couldn't find one that I absolutely love. Last year I got some plush baskets from Target. Boys got tired of carrying them around. I think it was quite bulky for my little guys. I figure this year we can use something light weight, reusable and easy to clean.

I looked around for supplies I already have around the house and luckily I saved up some oil cloths from a previous project. I was worried about the condition. My oil cloth got super wrinkly and thought of going to the fabric store was just not in my schedule. I did a little Google research and found a bunch of blogs recommending a hair dryer or using an iron on a low setting to flatten the oil cloth. I opted for the iron but I placed a thin cloth on top of the oil cloth layer.

This tip worked. I used a plate to cut the circle pattern for the base of my bag. Then I measured width 12" x 25"  length for the body.
Easter Tote Bag Tutorial
I prepared the bunny applique using a beige fabric. Iron fabric on freezer paper 8.5 x11 size. Place on top of cutting mat and create bunny shape using Silhouette machine and stamped "Oh Happy Day!" sentiment from PSA Essentials Peel and Stick stamp all over the cut out shape.
 Easter Tote Bag Tutorial2
Sew bunny applique on the front side of the panel. Then sew bag edges.
Easter Tote Bag Tutorial4
Pin the round base onto the bag panel. Sew around the edge and flip bag over.
 Easter Tote Bag Tutorial3
Hem opening of the bag.
Easter Tote Bag Tutorial5
Add woven bag handles and secure with pin. Sew to secure and you're done.
 Easter Tote Bag Tutorial6
I added a simple Easter tag using PSA Essentials stamp.
 Easter Tote Bag Potrait
This bag turned out well. You can customize the bag. You can change the them for any occasion and you can even do monograms on it. Tons of possibilities for this cute reusable bag.
 Easter Tote Bag Potrait2
Visit for more ideas.

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