Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bunny Tails - Easter Treat Packaging Idea

Here's another packaging idea I found on Pinterest and loved that I can easily mimic the design and incorporate my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamps.

I started by cutting a 12"x12" pattern paper into four squares. Fold them in half and stamped "bunny tails" text onto the paper using PSA Essentials Archive letter stamp set. I also attached a cute little silhouette bunny to tie the whole theme.
 Bunny Tails - Treat Packaging Idea
I used a clear bag to package the marshmallows and secure the stamped paper tag on top of the bag. Instead of stapling the paper - I sewed a simple zigzag stitch.
 Bunny Tails - Treat Packaging Idea2
 It's quick and easy. I'm excited to add them to my Easter bags.
 Bunny Tails - Treat Packaging Idea3
Bunny Tails Potrait3 Bunny Tails Potrait
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