Monday, March 11, 2013

School Gift Idea - Paper Carrots

Are you prepping up for Easter? I am and totally fell in love with the strawberries I made for Valentine's for school gifts and wanted to create something similar for Easter. I created the carrot packaging pattern in Illustrator and imported and edited the image in Silhouette. I used my Silhouette machine to cut the pattern.

I selected various paper patterns to complete my project.

Paper Carrots - School Gift
Fold along the crease marks.
Paper Carrots - School Gift2
I used hot glue to secure the end tab. This works great than double sided tape or glue dots. It's much more durable.
Paper Carrots - School Gift4
I prepared green yarn tassels for the carrot leaves. I used a small card stock as my guide. Wrap yarn around the card stock several times and secure with another yarn, tie in a knot and cut the ends.

Paper Carrots - School Gift3
Add treats inside the carrot box. Paper Carrots - School Gift5
Insert the green tassel and loop an extra piece of yarn through the punched holes and secure in a knot.
Paper Carrots - School Gift6
Arrange and pull out tassel.
 Paper Carrots - School Gift7
Set aside and prepare stamped Easter tag.
 Paper Carrots - School Gift8 Carrots are done and ready to be tagged.Paper Carrots - School Gift9

 Paper Carrots - School Gift10
I prepared scalloped circle tags, stamped "Happy Easter" sentiment using PSA Essentials Peel and Stick stamp.
 Paper Carrots - School Gift11
I also added a pink and white twine to finish my tags.
 Paper Carrots - School Gift12
Add tag and secure. That's it! Simple and so cute.
 Paper Carrots - School Gift14
We're ready to share them with our school friends. I'm planning on making a few extra carrots for our church teachers too!
Paper Carrots - School Gift13
Great gift and a great addition to your Easter bags.
 Paper Carrots Portrait2 
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Miranda @ Someday Crafts said...

These are so cute and so fun for little Easter gifts!

Mae Armstrong said...

Thanks Miranda! Super simple and easy to make. I'm excited to get them out.

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