Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pom Pom Jar (Reward System)

When I'm out with my fellow Moms, I often ask about different ideas to help me become a better parent. My friend suggested a reward system and said the Pom Pom Jar had worked for her. It's such a genius idea - it's a great way to discipline your little ones. Kids earn pom poms by being well-behaved and kind around the house or doing little chores. Those pom poms go into a jar and when the jar is full - they get a reward!

I have sweet treats for prizes and soon will start creating fun surprises for my little guys.

I wanted to create my own pom poms using some scrap yarn. (It's perfect use this project).
Wrap the yarn around a scrap piece of card stock. When you're making pom-poms volume is key. Remove the wrapped yarn from the card stock and prepare a 3" to 4" yarn and tie it around. Knot twice to secure the yarn. You don't want it too loose.
Pom Pom Jar
Trim loops carefully. Set aside and prepare wooden discs. Pom Pom Jar2
Remove uneven strands and shape while trimming.
Pom Pom Jar3
Stamped 12 wooden discs using PSA Essentials Super Star Peel & Stick Stamp set.
Pom Pom Jar4
Glue wooden discs on top of each pom poms.
Pom Pom Jar5
I used hot glue to secure the wooden discs.
Pom Pom Jar6
Pom Pom Jar7  Pom Pom Jar8
I also made a simple felt flower tag and layered it with scalloped label and topped with with a stamped sentiment from PSA Essentials Peel and Stick stamp collection.
Pom Pom Jar9
Secure with hot glue and attach to felt.
Pom Pom Jar10
Here's the jar ready to be used by my little ones.
Pom Pom Jar Portrait
Visit for more ideas.

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