Thursday, October 13, 2011

PSA Essentials Design: Kid Crafts (Halloween Theme)

Halloween Treat Bags:
This is super easy and fun to make with your little ones. First precut the scallop and decorative tags. Use the Skelanimals Thomas & Friends Peel and Stick stamp set. I really love the little spider. I think he's super cute. Stamp right in the center of the scalloped tag and glue the scalloped piece on top of the decorative tag. Attach your layered design on top of your mini paper sacks. I got mine from Michael's. Fill each bag with candy corn, seal, punch hole & use natural twine for hanging.
I also found some branches from my backyard and spray painted it to match the theme. I'm going to hang my Halloween treat bags for now, until I'm ready to give them away. Such a nice center piece for a party too!

Halloween Jello Treats:

These are baby food jars that I have saved up. Clean them well and soak in warm water with soap. Scrub the food label, rinse and air dry. This project is great for your little helpers. This is a two-day project and perfect way of teaching your kids about patience.
Prepare you jello mixture and pour half way through the jar. Refrigerate to set the jello. Add your creepy crawlers inside and fill with more jello. You'll need two small packs of jello. This is also a great treat your kids can share at school. A snack with your very own insect inside.
I finished this project with a layered tag and used the Skelanimals Thomas & Friends Peel and Stick stamp set. Punched the card and used some natural twine. Wrap around the lid and you're done.

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