Friday, November 4, 2011

PSA Essentials Design: Packaging

I love handmade presents and also creating pretty one-of-a-kind packaging. I am placing Cate's Alphabet Set inside this cute orange box and decorating it with some adorable stamped flowers that matches the retro fabric I used. I am going to use PSA Essentials Rosettas Peel and Stick Stamp Set.

Here's what we'll need:
  1. PSA Essentials "Rosettas" Peel and Stick Stamp Set
  2. PSA Essentials Stamp Tool
  3. PSA Essentials Stamp Setter
  4. PSA Essentials Black Stamp Pad
  5. 1-3/8 " Circle Puncher
  6. Crochet Yarn
  7. Small Crochet Hook (for easy threading)
  8. 5x7 (A7) Gift Box
  9. Card Stock Paper

Stamp a variety of rosettes on the gray card stock paper. I'm using gray to match the cute draw string bag I made from my previous tutorial for Cate's Alphabet Set.

Use the 1-3/8" circle punch to cut out the flowers flowers. Use the tag puncher and add holes on each side.

Use the small crochet hook and thread the yarn through the punched circles. Distribute the flowers while wrapping the yarn over the box. Do this step several times until you reach the desired style/look. After wrapping a few times secure design and tie both ends.

This is such a great way to dress up an ordinary box. I love the this cute A7 box from Paper-Source. I think it's adorable and perfect for any occasion.

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