Thursday, November 10, 2011

PSA Essentials Design: Decorating for Home (Thanksgiving Theme)

I am really enjoying decorating for Thanksgiving. It's such a joyous occasion to share with your family and friends.

I was out window shopping with my boys and found these gorgeous maple leaf doilies. Believe it or not they were a Dollar Store find. I knew exactly what to do when I saw them.

Project #1: Fireplace Mantel Design
I used the PSA Essentials Peel & Stick Romance set and stamped "THANKS" on my pre-cut circle tags. I used my sewing machine to attach the stamped letters to my doilies. I used three to four sheets of maple leaf doily to create the 3-d leaf effect. Fold each leaf all the way to the middle, separate the leaves carefully and use a twine to hang the decorative doily leaves. I used a 1/2" inch natural rope for hanging.
Here's my fireplace mantel looking so festive again in time for Thanksgiving. I also took the remaining leaves and hang them up to mimic the foliage. I also printed the turkey silhouette...because I love any type of silhouettes.

The decoration wouldn't be complete without setting the table for your beloved guests.

Project #2: Thanksgiving Dinner Table Design
I am loving the PSA Essentials Peel & Stick Country Home set for this project. I picked the spoons and rooster as part of my design. I'm using a 2"x2" pre-cut linen card stock sheets I purchased from Envelopperinc. I downloaded the online template and typed "Happy Thanksgiving" across each square and stamp the image. After stamping I used Polymark dimensional fabric paint and added tiny dots to the spoons. Let it dry for 15 minutes, punch and thread your natural twine. If you want a rustic feel you can use a brown ink pad and brush the edges of the card for a vintage country look.

I stamped the rooster for my Thanksgiving tree design piece. Added some doily maple leaves for guests to write what they are thankful for this year.
I also purchased a fabric from Joann Fabrics and used my old napkins as a template. Adding a nice homemade feel to my decoration and used mini decorative grouds as well.
I also picked-up a few more twigs in our backyard and spray painted them to create the centerpiece for my dinner table. I used hurricane candle holders. Wrapped them with dark brown felt, created some felt rosettes glued them on around the felt sleeve. I stuffed the glass with crinkled beige paper to keep the twigs in place. 

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