Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY Canvas Bag and Tag

I created a fun bag to carry library books. The bag is super easy to do and it matches a cute fabric tag.

DIY Canvas Bag

First let me show the simple steps of making your own bag. I used an old promotional canvas bag from one of the events I attended years ago.

First, fold bag lengthwise and start using the bag as you pattern. Don't worry about the weird bottom. Eyeball the length of the bottom and cut the fabric. Prepare four sets of fabric. This is a reversible bag so you just need matching fabrics.

Line the right side of the fabric and sew along the side. Fabric design facing each other.

 Sew the top seem of the bag.

Sew all sides after finishing the top seem and measure 3' for the bag fold. 

Trim the extra triangle end pieces.

Prepare two sets of the body. Turn the 2nd body inside out. This will be the interior of the bag. Line up the top openings and insert the cotton belting handles in between the top portion of the bag. Pin all edges and sew bottom first and sew around at the top to secure the handle.

That's it! It's pretty easy. It's not intimidating at all. I just took a lot of pictures to share the steps visually.

DIY Fabric Tag

Measure 3"x5" for the printed fabric and use a plain fabric for the top of the plastic cover.

Iron the fabric, fold and sew the plastic cover in between the bias tape. I used an old plastic folder and cut it down to size.

Prepare an extra strip of fabric for the strap and sew it down to 1/2". Insert the straps inside the printed fabric and add the plastic cover on top. Align the bottom of the plastic to line up against the printed fabric. Sew all three sides and trim extra fabric or plastic. I didn't sew the fabric inside out. The plastic cover is sturdy and if I try to turn the fabric right side out. The plastic won't stay flat. I don't mind the rustic edge. I think it brings a little character. If you're concerned about fraying you can buy Dritz Fray Check at any craft supply store.

For the card stock insert. I decorated the paper with PSA Essentials Peel and Stick stamp using the UBU Beach set. I also stamped the names on the card. The extra two lines will be dedicated for the home address.

To pull//replace the paper tag. I added a tab at the top of the card. 


Here's the finished bag with the fabric tag. 

Here's our stash nicely tucked inside our lovely bag. I can't wait to create a beach bag next. 

 Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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