Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is coming up and I just wanted to add a few more handmade items before I ship my care package.

I started this project by cutting all of the tea tags using my Silhouette SD. Used a embroidery needle to string the crochet yarn through the tea packet. Loop through and knot the ends to secure the tag.

I also picked a favor box to hold the tea bags. 

Fold along the perforated lines and assemble.

After folding and gluing the box. I added a paper doily and glued it at the top of the box.

I also stamped a decorative tag and secured it with a three-ply pink crochet yarn.

Stuff the favor box and seal.

 I also created a matching Mother's Day card to match my gift.

I'm ready to pack my care package and send these handmade gifts to my Mom. 

1 comment:

Hank hendricks said...

like the gift turned out it beautiful..i appreciate you share it.

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