Monday, June 18, 2012

Cookie Pinata Tutorial

What's a cookie party without a giant cookie pinata. I searched and searched online and didn't find anything that matched my theme. I was desperate to just buy a smaller Dora pinata and cover it with the right design.

This project is from a recycled shipping box. I'm glad my trash people didn't pick-up our water and sand table box. I dragged that box inside the house and thought of making my own pinata. It's my first one and I'm not going to lie. It took me almost three hours to finish.

Start of with preparing the basic circle for the cookie and cut a wide strip for the sides. I got some craft wrapping paper materials from Target for the design. You also need modge podge, scissors and paint brush for spreading the glue.

Create and secure the sides with painters tape. At the top of the pinata poke two holes for the handle. I suggest adding the handle first and then secure the sides with tape. 

 Leave a small opening. You'll need this to add all the candy inside the pinata.  
Cut strips of paper and trim edges to create a fringe effect.
Start gluing the strips of paper around the sides first and cover the rest of the circle. I used a paint brush to spread the glue on the card board. Layer the strips on top of each other and completely cover the cookie layout.
I suggest preparing all the strips of paper. You'll get into the groove and before you know it you've completely covered all of it.
Here's the covered pinata. I punched circle tags for the chocolate chip detail. I used black card stock. Glue circle pieces around the cookie pinata.
 Here it is almost all done.
I punched two holes to create a bottom handle on to the opening of the pinata. I added strings with stamped tags for the kids to pull.

I used my custom stamped PSA Essentials birthday party stamp and glued it on the strings.

Here's the pinata action during the party. My tall husband held the pinata and the kids pulled the strings together. My friend suggested this idea and I admit it's safer than hitting the pinata. :)

 Our homemade pinata activity was a big hit. 

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