Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cookies and Milk 2nd Birthday Party

This year this party is just for my little guys. My twins were born on my husbands birthday. Oh, how time flies. I created a cookies and milk party. I baked all the yummy treats, we decorated sugar cookies and kids enjoyed the extra sugar treats from our giant cookie pinata.

I created a birthday wreath featuring the number 2 and highlighting the PSA Essentials custom design birthday stamps I created for the party.

Dessert buffet featuring chocolate crinkles, chocolate chip cookies, funfetti, boysenberry thumbprint cookies, cookie birthday cake, cookies and cream cupcakes, party straws and homemade play dough favors.
Can you see the blue cookie bag? Guests loved that they were able to bring some yummy baked treats with them.

Homemade play dough as party favors. 
 Cookies and cream cupcakes. 
My aunt gave this cookie pan from William Sonoma and I'm so glad she did. It's such a special addition to my party and my baking pan collection.
Displayed extra party favors by the hallway. Check out the hydrangeas I received from my neighbor. How perfect...totally matched the party theme.
Homemade giant cookie pinata with pull strings.
 Decorated pinata pull strings.
 Cookie pinata in action.
 We also decorated some sugar cookies.
I created simple table cover. Got a big roll of butcher paper and covered the table. I also created a simple place mat for each guest with their name and stamped it with the PSA Essentials custom birthday stamp.

Even the my boys enjoyed the sugar cookie decorating activity. I'm thankful the weather too! The weather felt like Spring and we are usually super hot this time of the year.

I can't believe my little guys are two. If I can freeze time I want to keep this toddler phase a tad bit longer.

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Drew Watts said...

Superb birthday party!! Theme looks simply amazing. Loved the arrangements especially delicious cookies. Everything is perfectly done. Just in love with your party. Planning to use your few ideas for my son’s birthday party at one of San Francisco venues. Thanks for this amazing post.

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