Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Stamped Pillow Case Dress

I can't believe I am making my very first girly dress. I have two little boys so sewing for my niece is a great excuse for that. I started off by measuring her size for the pillow case dress.

Then I prepared the freezer paper initial cutout using my Silhouette SD machine.
Wrap the fabric on the board (it can be any type of board). I did this process to prevent the fabric paint from sticking to my table.
 Wrap and secure with painter's tape.
Iron the freezer paper stencil and make sure all sides are secure.
Start filling in the center of the cutout. I picked a Tulip soft fabric paint with glitters. Girls love anything sparkly. Thought it's perfect for this project.
Let the fabric paint dry for a few hours. Then start stamping your image on to the painted area. I used PSA Essentials Skelanimals peel and stick stamp set.
 I used Yellow Owl Workshop stamp pad. Thought I would give it a whirl.
I just love that it's so versatile. I did a lot of research and I think I found true love. I need to do a bunch more testing of course, but I work wit fabric all the time that it's so worth getting the ink pad just for that purpose.
 Here's the stamped initial.
 After letting the painted and stamped initial dry. Start adding the elements to the pillow case dress.
 I added a cute fabric trim and did a simple French seam.
 Pin all sides of the dress right side up in preparation for French seam.
 Sew all around and turned it over and iron and sew the back side completing the French seam style.
 After sewing all the sides. I used a garter to create the neck ruffle.
I created my own bias that matches the bottom trim of the dress. Pin around the arm holes and sew making sure you are catching both sides of the bias.
 Sew all the way through the end of the bias.
After finishing the dress. I did a simple back stitch around the initial. I think the design looked polished with the black border around it.

This dress is making it's way next week as a simple surprise. It's perfect outfit for Halloween - don't you think!
Hope she enjoys it!

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