Friday, October 26, 2012

To Go Box Thanksgiving Banner

Here's a great recycled project you can do with the little ones. My little boys painted the to go box that we got from a deli right by our house. We painted them with orange acrylic paint. It was a perfect rainy day activity for all of us. First, cut the box in half and trim the sharp edges before painting.
We used sponge for painting it was quick and easy to do. 
 Here's Will busy painting the box.
 Ryan enjoyed painting as well.
 Dry for a few hours before decorating.
 The next part was a job for Mommy. It involves hot glue. I decorated the boxes with feathers.
 Added a decorative circle label.
Stamped a wooden disc to spell Harvest and glued it on the circle tag. I used PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Archive stamp set.
 Punch holes to attach decorated boxes onto a natural string.
 Here they are easy quick and a Fall craft you could created with the whole family.
 Such a nice addition to our fire mantel.

For more project ideas please visit PSA Stamp Camp blog.

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